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Performing the function of the external data protection officer (DPO)

What has changed after the amendment to the Personal Data Protection Act came into force on 01 January 2015?

Every data controller may currently appoint the data protection officer. The duties of the data protection officer involve not only constant supervision of personal data processing but also annual examination of personal data protection and preparation of a report afterwards.

What are the advantages of appointing Omni Modo the external data protection officer?

Most of all, the certainty that processed personal data are in safe hands secured by professional and experienced company what is crucial in the context of legal responsibility for a personal data breach. Appointing Omni Modo the external data protection officer gives the company legal and IT support which include the following:

  • carrying out the annual audit examining practical compliance with provisions on the protection of personal data and preparing a report afterwards
  • providing ongoing support on personal data protection such as preparing clauses, regulations, updating documentation, and so on
  • organizing regular trainings
  • ongoing monitoring of fulfilling the legal obligations concerning introducing and maintenance – at the level required by law – technical and organizational measures to protect personal data
  • regular contact with the Office of the Inspector General concerning the register of personal data sets, complaints against the data controller, controls carried out by the Office of the Inspector General or in the event of security incidents
  • regular consultations in the company on meeting the needs concerning personal data protection