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Audit of the IT security systems

Does Your company need a security audit of personal data stored in electronic form?

Through the audit, we are able to fully determine:

  • software used by the company;
  • security gaps;
  • efficiency of the applied security measures;
  • potential threats of data leak;
  • IT best practices;
  • way of work of system users.

What is the purpose of IT audit?

  • detection of possible threats concerning loss of information in IT systems;
  • security analysis of Active Directory service;
  • security analysis of electronic e-mail system;
  • analysis and tests of WIFI security;
  • social-engineering tests verifying physical and technical security measures;
  • stress tests checking the stability and availability of the system operation;
  • verification of critical website applications;
  • drafting of the information security management policy;
  • definition of IT risk management process in line with PN-ISO/IEC 27005:2014;
  • drafting of documentation on safeguards of information security management system.

Does the IT audit help to solve personal data security issues?

The audit is concluded with a report, which not only presents the facts and level of risk but also includes specific solutions increasing level of personal data security within the organisation. Obtained information would also allow the implementation of necessary safeguards in IT systems and drafting of the annual planes of IT infrastructure development at the company.

Why Omni Modo should conduct the audit in Your company?

Basing on over a dozen of years of experience in conducting security audits we had established internal standard which has been additionally adapted to the GDPR requirements. We have commenced cooperation with our Partners, specialists in the field of security, in order to fulfil those requirements. The team acting in such a way ensures the highest quality of services.