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Acting as the data protection officer (DPO)

The GDPR grants particular significance to the function of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). This role can be taken by the employee as well as by external entity. DPO plays key role in ensuring the compliance of the organisation actions with the data protection law. Omni Modo provides such a service, acting as a DPO or alternatively supporting the internal DPO in performance of its tasks. Our service is adapted to each of the organisations in terms of its time as well as intensity.

How can You benefit from designation of Omni Modo as the Data Protection Officer?

You will be assured that personal data processed by Your company are in the hands of professional and experienced entity. It is very important, having in mind the legal responsibility for the possible breach of personal data.

DPO has to fulfil all tasks imposed on it by the GDPR, which include:

  1. informing the organisation as well as its employees on its obligations provided for by the data protection law, which include: following changes in legal environment concerning data protection, including sector-specific regulations, informing the controller of the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union as well as of national courts in the data protection field and analysis of decisions and guidelines of the Polish supervisory authority as well as authorities from other states of the European Union;
  2. monitoring of compliance with the law by the organisation – verification of the legal basis for processing applied by the Client, as well as its compliance with the rules of processing provided for by the GDPR, analysis of privacy notices, assessment of the internal documentation, which includes recommendations on its amendments, as well as provision of answers to the questions or requests from the data subjects;
  3. periodical personal data protection trainings for management as well as employees, which content is adapted to the receiver and nature of the organisation activity. Our trainings include also specific sets covering areas such as marketing or HR data.
  4. conducting annual audit of the departments selected by the Client, e.g. HR, IT or customer service, in order to verify the level of personal data protection and to detect possible irregularities;
  5. cooperation with the supervisory authority which includes acting as the contact point for the supervisory authority as well as participation in possible inspections conducted by this institution. What is more, we ensure full support in assessment of possible personal data breaches and their notification to the supervisory authority or communicating them to the data subjects.  

While acting as the DPO we rely on nearly 15 years of experience in the field of personal data protection. We have conducted several hundred audits and trained over a dozen of thousands of persons. Our strength lies in knowledge building and experience collection. In addition, we try to incorporate as many decisions taken on the EU level and in other states as possible, which enables us to be coherent in case of multinational companies.